Workshop 1: Triadic Game Design Workshop

Serious games are an effective and fun way to communicate a message. They are used for many different purposes and exist in many different shapes, but they all use the method of play to achieve very serious goals and study or solve big problems and grand challenges. In this workshop participants will design a serious game in three phases and learn about the process of turning a piece of reality into a game design whilst having fun yourself. The theme of the games will cover problems in the water management sector, e.g. sea level rise, urban pluvial flooding, access to water and sanitation services, or water quality.  

Duration: 3 hours

Speaker(s): Simon Tiemersma from the TU Delft Gamelab (TPM) and/or Gamelab colleagues

Workshop 2: Research Data Management Planning

This workshop, organised by 4TU.ResearchData, will demonstrate methods for achieving good research data management. Participants will learn about the importance of creating data management plans (DMPs) and how to use the DMPonline tool to create a DMP at the beginning of the research process. There will be an interactive discussion about important content to include in a DMP; where to store data during a research project; and, when and where to publish (meta)data and software code upon project completion.  

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speaker(s): Connie Clare (recording), Kees den Heijer (4TU.ResearchData) & Lora Armstrong (TU Delft)

Workshop 3: What does life look like after a PhD?

Do you sometimes wonder what career paths you can take after obtaining your PhD? Where can you apply and develop your water expertise? Staying in the academic world is one option, but there are many others! Therefore, in this workshop, four speakers will share their experience and will try to give answers to all your questions. 

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speaker(s): Cora Uijterlinde (Stowa), Stef Koop (KWR), Evelyn De Meyer (De Watergroep) & Milagros Sosa Landeo (Netherlands Water Partnership)

Workshop 4: Design Workshop


Workshop 5: Molecular Techniques


Workshop 6: Water Professionals