Extended submission deadline: 24 December 2021!

The call for abstracts is now open! We invite papers and posters on all aspects of the water cycle, include (waste)water research technology, hydrology and water resources management (see list of topics). In addition we encourage NGOs and people from the working field to pitch ideas. As this conference is a platform for young researchers, presenters must be aged < 35 years. However, there is no age limit to participate in the conference.

Please follow these guidelines to submit an abstract:

  1. Download the template
  2. Write your abstract according to the template guidelines
  3. Submit your abstract


Only the abstracts that follow these guidelines will be reviewed by the scientific committeeThe extended deadline for abstract submission is 24 December 2021. Authors' notification is planned on 31 January 2022. Authors of high-quality abstracts recommended by the scientific committee will have the possibility to submit their contribution as full-paper to an IWA journal. The submission deadline for the full-paper will be after the conference and will be communicated to the relevant authors in time. Please note that this does not guarantee further publication of the full-paper and the decision on this will be made by the journal's editor(s) based on a peer-reviewed process.

Please note that with submitting an abstract you are not automatically registered! The registration opens from 10 January 2022.